Non Woven Eco Bag

"DUO EXPRESS specialized on ready made & custom made non woven bag, bag with button, bag with zip, wine bag, photo laminate, silver coating PVC bag, foldable non woven bag, nylon bag, polyester bag, jute bag, canvas bag, wool felt, goodies pouch,paper bag and etc.

Non-woven bag (eco bag) have become more popular because of their reusability and durability. Many of our customer have been using non-woven bag (eco bag) as cost effective marketing tools for promoting their products.No matter is Machine Press Ultrasonic, stitching, strap handler, pocket, zip, button, piping, foldable and etc we have ready bag that are available for you to choose.

"DUO EXPRESS always encourage our customer to reduce, reuse and recycle by using non-woven bag (eco bag). - Save the Earth -


Available Color : Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Red, Orange, Ivory, Grey, Purple, Apple Green, Magenta,White

Available Size :

Non Woven A4

Size : 28cm(L) x 32cm(H) x 8cm(D)
Quality : Machine Press Ultrasonic
Non Woven A3
Size : 40cm(L) x 31cm(H) x 10cm(D)
Quality : Machine Press Ultrasonic
Non Woven Flat
Size : 30cm(L) x 36cm(H)
Quality : Machine Press Ultrasonic


If you require other styles and patterns for your custom made bag 

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